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Our Products

Our primary products are home science experiment kits encompassing a wide range of fields including, but not limited to, chemistry, physics, biology, and earth sciences. These kits are designed to allow children and family members to delve into scientific principles through hands-on practice. Our products are not only suitable for children but are also immensely fitting for adults. Whether you are looking for an entertaining way to learn or want to add depth and fun to your children’s education, "Home Science Lab" has got you covered.

Safety & Quality

We place great emphasis on the safety and quality of our products. All our experiment kits undergo stringent quality control and comply with international safety standards. Our products come with detailed instruction manuals, including safety guidelines and steps, to ensure that each experiment is conducted in a safe environment.

Our Story

"Home Science Lab" was founded by a group of science enthusiasts. We are passionate about science and recognize its significance in personal growth and societal advancement. We were determined to create a platform that makes it convenient for every family to have access to scientific experiments and cultivate a scientific mindset through firsthand experiences.

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